SEO Service in Kerala

SEO Service is a set of techniques that improve the visibility of a website in the search engine result page by optimising the page for the search engine based on the algorithm it uses to rank pages. By performing SEO you are essentially performing all those on page activities that help the search engine recognise your page more easily and identify your proposition in a more clear way so that it will display you for searches relevant to you. On page activities mainly include Content optimisation, titles and descriptions, meta tag updating etc. It’s always best to start with on page activities and optimise your website before aggressively going into off page.

Most people associate off page activities with just link building. Though link building is an important part of off page activities, it is not the only one. Creating a presence across social platforms and creating engagement for followers through social media marketing services, taking part in relevant forums etc. are also equally important. Your focus must be on the long term rather than quick results and high ranking, because the wrong goals and techniques could actually be considered by the search engine as spamming, and you could get deindexed.

For the same reason, when getting into SEO or employing SEO services in Kerala, find Search engine optimisation companies in Kerala that are acclaimed for white hat techniques and not short cuts or black hat techniques. ArtLumen is one such firm with dedicated SEO team who perform only white hate techniques to get you ranked up top on the search engine result page.

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