Optimising Pay Per Click Services


Pay per click is a go to option to get results quickly. Whatever be your objective, whether getting more traffic to your page, increasing your visibility or improving your sales, PPC is a great technique to get instant results. Pay per click is an online advertising model where the advertiser pays a search engine or other sites a particular amount on every time the ad is clicked. This is primarily done through tools for AdWords management.

PPC Services is usually primarily associated with search engines like Google and Bing. However the reality is PPC ads can also be placed on any associated websites in the search engines network. Nowadays you can also see PPC ads in social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. While PPC on search engine are placed as per bids on keywords relevant to searches associated with your products, sites do not use the bidding system, instead charge a fixed amount for a space.

PPC are very much result oriented and easily and accurately measurable. So when you are spending money on PPC, you should always keep an eye on the Return on investment and tweak the campaign to optimise the ROI. Some ways to improve your ROI are as follows:

Optimising keywords. Keep a close watch on keywords you have bid on and the results they are bringing you. If you see a keyword with declining trend or that does not result in conversions and hence revenue, drop them for better result oriented keywords

Maintain a good account structure. This helps you better target keywords relevant to your particular products and optimise your result. You organise by themes and also by match time, at the campaign level and even further at ad group level.

Use remarketing. Rather than focusing all your spend on attaining new leads who are completely unaware of your brand or its offerings, retarget leads who have already shown interest.

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