Why Social Media Marketing ?


Social media is often seen by marketers as a fad that is going to go away in a bit, but we believe otherwise. Yes, the platforms and formats may change but the interaction between the customer and the brand on a common platform is here to stay. And what’s better is, social media marketing is much more cost effective than traditional marketing efforts and gives results in measurable tangible terms. So let’s see why you as a brand must invest in social media and its marketing in long term sense.

Better Brand Awareness

With consistent social media posts you improve your visibility and thus your brand recognition. At the same time you also make yourself more easily accessible for potential customers who aren’t familiar with your brand

Better customer loyalty

With a targeted social media plan you can influence the behaviour of the customer to make them more loyal towards your brand

Single platform for multiple segments

On social media you can contact potential customers, encourage new customers and engage existing customers. Thus you get to keep in touch with all segments of customers on a single platform.

Better conversion rates

Since social media lets you target your audience very accurately and curate a narrative in the most humanised manner that these specific targets can relate to, the conversion rates through social media is much higher than traditional methods.

Higher inbound traffic

Social media has a ‘pull’ effect like no other platform. It attracts potential customer by being relevant or adding value to a customer rather than pushing it with sales pitches. Another social media platform and presence means more links to your website and an opportunity to attract more customers

Higher SERP Rankings

SEO is a great way to increase your visibility to people who are looking for you or something related to you, and social media through its profiles and link building support SEO by providing high ranking links to your social media profiles.

Customer insights

Social media gives you precise data and information regarding your audience, you customers etc. that help you optimize you efforts and implement strategies more efficiently. Via social listening and sentiment analysis you can get an idea as to what your customers think about you and who support or oppose you the most.

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